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#394 : PAX Solo

Posted by Jeremy on 06-04-2018

Justin and Matt talk Deadpool 2, Solo, Incredibles 2, Jurassic World 2, Subnautica, Mount St Helens, PAX West.

#393 : Win Matt Stein's Movie Pass

Posted by Jeremy on 05-28-2018

Justin and Matt talk Steins;Gate, MTG Arena, Agents of SHIELD, Movie Pass, Critical Role, Octogeddon, and Deadpool 2.

#392 : At the White House

Posted by Jeremy on 05-14-2018

Jeremy and Matt have a short episode today and talk SteamWorld Dig 2, SteamWold Heist, adolescence, Ancient Aliens, and more.

#391 : I've Never Seen a Diamond in the Flesh

Posted by Jeremy on 04-30-2018

Sniper Elite series, airport security, SteamWorld Dig 2, Hook, boy scouts, Scout-O-Rama, diamonds, MoPop, Victor Vran, The Martian, Monster

#390 : That Thing That People Do Now

Posted by Jeremy on 04-09-2018

Train Valley 2, Sniper Elite V2, Homescapes, Ready Player One, Marvel movies, finding doctors, DanMachi, Battlefield 1, and more.

#389 : That Doesn't Sound Half Bad

Posted by Jeremy on 04-02-2018

The crew come together to record their first episode apart. Will it be good or bad? Let us know. Send us an e-mail to letter@outlandishpodcast.com

#388 : The Sound of Terrible

Posted by Jeremy on 03-19-2018

Matt and Justin are in Seattle recording a special episode of Outlandish with special guest, Jennifer, Justin's new roommate. Sorry for the audio quality.

#387 : One Week

Posted by Jeremy on 02-26-2018

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about Subnautica, Life is Strange, Riverdale, Dragonball Z Abridged, Overwatch, railways, and more.

#386 : It's the Final Countdown

Posted by Jeremy on 02-19-2018

John joins Matt and Justin for the last live recording with the three of them. Car Buying, Stardew Valley, Black Panther, and the Cost of Life.

#385 : They Didn't Add Any Voice Lines

Posted by Jeremy on 02-05-2018

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about WoW, Zelda, and some other mindless drabble.