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#338 : Enslaved by the Witcher Too

Posted by Jeremy on 05-16-2016

World of Warcraft, Doom, Enslaved, Witcher 2.

#337 : Our Landmark Show

Posted by Jeremy on 05-02-2016

World of Warcraft, Arkansas historical landmarks, Game of Thrones, SOMA, Binding of Issac, Monster Factory, Lucifer.

#336 : Podcastlike-like

Posted by Jeremy on 04-25-2016

Lego World, SOMA, Enter the Gungeon, No Man's Sky, and more.

#335 : I Think Matt is Running Out of Show Descriptions

Posted by Jeremy on 04-11-2016

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt bringing it back with all the laughs.

#334 : The Traffic is Terrific

Posted by Jeremy on 03-28-2016

Star Wars Old Republic MMO, Blizzcon, Planet Coaster, Pyramid Solitaire, Pee-Wee's Big Holiday, and Cities Skylines.

#333 : Just Take Out Some Frames

Posted by Jeremy on 03-14-2016

Star Wars Old Republic MMO, Minesweeper, Dark Souls 2, The Walking Dead, and California.

#332 : There is no Hook

Posted by Jeremy on 02-29-2016

The Lego Movie, Saints Row 4, Star Wars Old Republic, The Walking Dead, and Dark Souls 2.

#331 : The Walking Deadpool

Posted by Jeremy on 02-15-2016

John's back and we're talking all kinds of great stuff: politics, Walking Dead, Deadpool.

#330 : We Talk a Lot

Posted by Jeremy on 02-08-2016

John's filling in and we talk a LOT about all the good stuff you want to hear.

#329 : 80 Days (at least that's how long it seems)

Posted by Jeremy on 01-18-2016

Jeremy's back and we talk about all kinds of exciting stuff!