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#299.5 : Dun dun duuun dun da duuun dun da duuun

Posted by Jeremy on 12-15-2014

John is back again to help hold off on episode 300 and we end up back on Star Wars again.

#299 : I'll be in my Trailer

Posted by Jeremy on 12-08-2014

John joins us to talk about the new Star Wars trailer and our childhood memories.

#298 : They're All My Favorite

Posted by Jeremy on 11-24-2014

Justin is out and WoW is back in! Jeremy and Matt talk Warlords of Draenor like it's episode 45!

#297 : WoW! It's WoD!

Posted by Jeremy on 11-17-2014

A throwback to all our World of Warcraft fans. We go full on WoW for the release of Warlords of Draenor.

#296 : Overcast Episode #1

Posted by Jeremy on 11-10-2014

WoW all the way, Justin finishes Buffy and plays Child of Light.

#295 : Episode #295 : Marquis of Marquees

Posted by Jeremy on 10-27-2014

We talk more WoW, more Buffy, more Angel, DIY marquee, Trials, and elections.

#294 : Episode #294 : Shhh, Shhh, It's Coconut Time

Posted by Jeremy on 10-20-2014

Jeremy joins Matt in talking the new 6.0 World of Warcraft patch. Tons of WoW. We're podcasting like it's episode 95!

#293 : Episode #293 : Foosball is the Devil!

Posted by Jeremy on 10-06-2014

Arkansas foosball, useless statistics, ebola, leveling a WoW druid, Volgar the Viking, and Buffy.

#292 : Episode #292 : People Still Play That?

Posted by Jeremy on 09-29-2014

Football, broken bones, Papers Please, Prison Architect, Terra, Brutal Doom, BtVS, Angel.

#291 : Episode #291 : Bones of the Buff Angel

Posted by Jeremy on 09-22-2014

Jeremy visits an aquarium and Legoland, Justin talks about BtVS, and wizards and barbarian football.