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#379 : The Curse

Posted by Jeremy on 11-13-2017

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about Blizzard thing: Blizzcon, Vanilla WoW, etc. Also, Quantum Break, Little Debbie, history, Oak Island, and more.

#378 : Average Show

Posted by Jeremy on 11-06-2017

Justin and Matt are talking about Thor Ragnarok, Blizzcon, Overwatch, WoW, and what they're doing.

#377 : Keepin It More Real

Posted by Jeremy on 10-16-2017

Justin and Matt are joined by John for some more real talk. But don't worry, there's some great times as well.

#376 : Keepin It Real

Posted by Jeremy on 10-06-2017

This episode comes from the heart and is real and deals with real issues. But there's also some banter at the beginning.

#375 : You Have to Pay to Watch

Posted by Jeremy on 10-02-2017

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt are at it again.

#374 : "It's" Hilarious

Posted by Jeremy on 09-18-2017

Matt and Justin are here with special guest, John. They talk about the movie "It" for about 15 minutes and then move on to other hilarious things.

#373 : He's Never Gonna Watch It

Posted by Jeremy on 09-04-2017

Justin and Jeremy talk about Game of Thrones and the pandering. Matt plugs his ears.

#372 : GenCon 2017

Posted by Jeremy on 08-28-2017

Matt and Justin are at GenCon with Erik and Alex. Gen Con 2017! What, what!

#371 : And the Video Gaming

Posted by Jeremy on 08-07-2017

Justin and Matt discuss movies, tv, and the video gaming.

#370 : Wait, no, THIS is 370

Posted by Jeremy on 07-31-2017

Justin's back to talk about his great outdoor adventures and Jeremy and Matt are here to comment on everything.