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Posted by Jeremy on 04-09-2021

Updating this page is a pain. Is there a better way to do it? I'm 100% positive there is,
but this webserver hates cron jobs. Click on the link and you can see the list of the latest episodes.
Just google Outlandish podcast <number> to find a specific episode. Alternatively you could say "Alexa, play Outlandish Podcast", but
apparently, the US Forest Service made a podcast called Out LAND ish and it will play instead of this one.
But there's an Alexa skill I made where you can add the podcast to your daily update.
Sure, it plays the latest episode every day, but you can skip it if you've already heard it. It's the future, use it.

Outlandish Podcast #402: Ugh... It's Fantasy Season Again

Matt and Justin talk a little fantasy football, PS4 Spider-Man, and Oculus Rift.

Outlandish Podcast #401: All The Way Out Where?

Matt records live with Justin and Jenniferwhatnot to talk about PAX West.

Outlandish Podcast #400: 400 Extravaganza! Well... We Call Tronya Again At Least

Matt, Jeremy, and Justin talk about World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth. Also some other things. And it's episode 400.

Outlandish Podcast #399: Bored Games

Matt is joined by special guests: Erik, Alex, and Scott to talk about Gen Con 2018. Board games, RPGs, and escape room.

Outlandish Podcast #398: Speed Lunking

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about RVs and exploring the north east, cave exploration, Sonic, etc.

Outlandish Podcast #397: Runnin' On

Justin and Matt are joined by Running on E podcast hosts, John and Brandon.

Outlandish Podcast #396: Sail Away

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about The Raft, Washington State, Google Guides, Hereditary, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Incredibles 2.

Outlandish Podcast #395: Flippin' It Off

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about House Flipper, Little Nightmares, Just Cause 3, Subnautica, Branson, ghost hunting, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Outlandish Podcast #394: PAX Solo

Justin and Matt talk Deadpool 2, Solo, Incredibles 2, Jurassic World 2, Subnautica, Mount St Helens, PAX West.

Outlandish Podcast #393: Win Matt Stein's Movie Pass

Justin and Matt talk Steins;Gate, MTG Arena, Agents of SHIELD, Movie Pass, Critical Role, Octogeddon, and Deadpool 2.

Outlandish Podcast #392: At the White House

Jeremy and Matt have a short episode today and talk SteamWorld Dig 2, SteamWold Heist, adolescence, Ancient Aliens, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #391: I've Never Seen a Diamond in the Flesh

Sniper Elite series, airport security, SteamWorld Dig 2, Hook, boy scouts, Scout-O-Rama, diamonds, MoPop, Victor Vran, The Martian, Monster

Outlandish Podcast #390: That Thing That People Do Now

Train Valley 2, Sniper Elite V2, Homescapes, Ready Player One, Marvel movies, finding doctors, DanMachi, Battlefield 1, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #389: That Doesn't Sound Half Bad

The crew come together to record their first episode apart. Will it be good or bad? Let us know. Send us an e-mail to letter@outlandishpodcast.com

Outlandish Podcast #388: The Sound of Terrible

Matt and Justin are in Seattle recording a special episode of Outlandish with special guest, Jennifer, Justin's new roommate. Sorry for the audio quality.

Outlandish Podcast #387: One Week

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about Subnautica, Life is Strange, Riverdale, Dragonball Z Abridged, Overwatch, railways, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #386: It's the Final Countdown

John joins Matt and Justin for the last live recording with the three of them. Car Buying, Stardew Valley, Black Panther, and the Cost of Life.

Outlandish Podcast #385: They Didn't Add Any Voice Lines

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about WoW, Zelda, and some other mindless drabble.

Outlandish Podcast #384: Deadmau5

Outlandish Podcast - Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about past addon commercials, winter weather, Breath of the Wild, The End of the Fucking World, MasterClass, and other stuff.

Outlandish Podcast #383: Now Matt's Tired

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about the video games they're playing, movies and tv they're watching, and everything else in their lives.

Outlandish Podcast #382: Chirstmehs

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt are here to talk about the things they've done and gifts they've received from Santa.

Outlandish Podcast #381: Jedi Lag

Jeremy, Justin, John and Matt are here to talk about The Last Jedi.

Outlandish Podcast #380: Why Are People Down There?

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk Oak island, Quantum Break, sickness, Molyneux, Netflix, Hulu, Superman games, and cryptocurrency.

Outlandish Podcast #379: The Curse

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about Blizzard thing: Blizzcon, Vanilla WoW, etc. Also, Quantum Break, Little Debbie, history, Oak Island, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #378: Average Show

Justin and Matt are talking about Thor Ragnarok, Blizzcon, Overwatch, WoW, and what they're doing.

Outlandish Podcast #377: Keepin It More Real

Justin and Matt are joined by John for some more real talk. But don't worry, there's some great times as well.

Outlandish Podcast #376: Keepin It Real

This episode comes from the heart and is real and deals with real issues. But there's also some banter at the beginning.

Outlandish Podcast #375: You Have to Pay to Watch

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt are at it again.

Outlandish Podcast #374: "It's" Hilarious

Matt and Justin are here with special guest, John. They talk about the movie "It" for about 15 minutes and then move on to other hilarious things.

Outlandish Podcast #373: He's Never Gonna Watch It

Justin and Jeremy talk about Game of Thrones and the pandering. Matt plugs his ears.

Outlandish Podcast #372: GenCon 2017

Matt and Justin are at GenCon with Erik and Alex. Gen Con 2017! What, what!

Outlandish Podcast #371: And the Video Gaming

Justin and Matt discuss movies, tv, and the video gaming.

Outlandish Podcast #370: Wait, no, THIS is 370

Justin's back to talk about his great outdoor adventures and Jeremy and Matt are here to comment on everything.

Outlandish Podcast #369: Can We Just Talk About Video Games?

Matt, Jeremy, and a special guest are here to talk about great things. Make Outlandish great again!

Outlandish Podcast #368: That's Entertainment

Justin and Matt are here to talk about everything that entertains you.

Outlandish Podcast #367: Glamping

Jeremy and Matt talk about the great outdoors. Or rather, modern day camping.

Outlandish Podcast #366: I'll Pass

Justin and Matt are here to help you pass the time away.

Outlandish Podcast #365: A Show a Day

Block'hood, telescopes, nature, Heroes of the Storm, movies, and cooking.

Outlandish Podcast #364: I Need a Tutorial

DanTDM, Minecraft, GTA Family Friendly Mod, Subnautica, Justified, The Girl Next Door, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #363: Healthlandish

Outlandish Podcast - Matt and Justin talk about Overwatch, Doom, Great British Baking Show, getting healthy with yoga and strength training.

Outlandish Podcast #362: Fly

WoW, City of Heroes, Madden 17, Xbox One vs PS4, game wish for remakes.

Outlandish Podcast #361: Six Packs

WoW 7.2, Township, Hex, OJ trial, Hearthstone, random anime, and Wynonna Earp.

Outlandish Podcast #360: Full Circle

WoW 7.2, cruises, dino DNA, android phones, Fallout 4, Halt and Catch Fire.

Outlandish Podcast #359: Chappelle Show

New WoW Patch, Fallout 4, Chappelle specials, console gaming, Logan, Iron Fist, Passengers, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #358: We're So Zen

More WoW, Family Friendly GTA, Drunk History, Fallout 4, Kong.

Outlandish Podcast #357: Family Friendly (not the podcast)

More WoW, Family Friendly GTA, Unforgetable Toys, Scary Games, Fallout 4, Heroes of the Storm, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #356: Remember When it was Spelled Outstandish?

WoW, Halt and Catch Fire, Special Effects, CGI, Mandela Effect, Shitty Fidelity Communications Internet.

Outlandish Podcast #355: It's Like 10 Percent

WoW, Blacklist, Super Bowl, Ikea, West Wing, Sears, Property Tax, Overwatch, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #354: Intercepted!

Stardew Valley, WoW, Civ 5, Basketball, Bubble Witch 3, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Train Conductor World, Katamari Damacy, Madden 17, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #353: I forgot

Memory loss, history, WoW, CHiPs, Ace of Seafood, Farming Simulator, Newb Overwatch, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #352: Anime I help you?

More WoW, Overwatch references, Stardew Valley, Elite Dangerous, Mob Psycho 100, Angel Beats, Assassination Classroom, and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Outlandish Podcast #351: Break Time

We talk weather, WoW, how lazy we are, school supplies, and Nexus.

Outlandish Podcast #350: I Put On My Members Only Jacket and Devo Hat

We talk WoW, retro video games, Iceland, conflicts, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #348: Always Buy Large

We fact check Running On E and talking WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #347: Attack on Titan (it's not a new raid)

We talk WoW, Attack on Titan, and other stuff.

Outlandish Podcast #346: We Are [Playing] Legion

Wow is back! And Matt and Jeremy are talking all about it. Justin chimes in with some shows he's watching.

Outlandish Podcast #345: XP for Everybody

Matt and Jeremy talk about the Legion Invasion and more WoW stuff. Justin taps his foot impatiently.

Outlandish Podcast #344: Gen Con 2016

Erik joins Matt and Justin to talk about their adventures at Gen Con 2016.

Outlandish Podcast #343: The Egress of Ingress

Pokemon Go, Ingress, World of Warcraft, Fallout 4, Luke Cage, and Stranger Things.

Outlandish Podcast #342: This is Totally Not From a Week Ago

Steam sales, Fallout 4, currency, truffles, Game of Thrones, and SteelSeries is still crap.

Outlandish Podcast #341: SteelSeries is Crap

To the Moon, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Overwatch, SteelSeries is crap.

Outlandish Podcast #340: SPOILERS

Warcraft movie, Doom, and Voltron.

Outlandish Podcast #339: You Win

Doom, Metro 2033, Dashcam, camping with cub scouts, and Overwatch.

Outlandish Podcast #338: Enslaved by the Witcher Too

World of Warcraft, Doom, Enslaved, Witcher 2.

Outlandish Podcast #337: Our Landmark Show

World of Warcraft, Arkansas historical landmarks, Game of Thrones, SOMA, Binding of Issac, Monster Factory, Lucifer.

Outlandish Podcast #336: Podcastlike-like

Lego World, SOMA, Enter the Gungeon, No Man's Sky, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #335: I Think Matt is Running Out of Show Descriptions

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt bringing it back with all the laughs.

Outlandish Podcast #334: The Traffic is Terrific

Star Wars Old Republic MMO, Blizzcon, Planet Coaster, Pyramid Solitaire, Pee-Wee's Big Holiday, and Cities Skylines.

Outlandish Podcast #333: Just Take Out Some Frames

Star Wars Old Republic MMO, Minesweeper, Dark Souls 2, The Walking Dead, and California.

Outlandish Podcast #332: There is no Hook

The Lego Movie, Saints Row 4, Star Wars Old Republic, The Walking Dead, and Dark Souls 2.

Outlandish Podcast #331: The Walking Deadpool

John's back and we're talking all kinds of great stuff: politics, Walking Dead, Deadpool.

Outlandish Podcast #330: We Talk a Lot

John's filling in and we talk a LOT about all the good stuff you want to hear.

Outlandish Podcast #329: 80 Days (at least that's how long it seems)

Jeremy's back and we talk about all kinds of exciting stuff!

Outlandish Podcast #328: The Cast Awakens

John joins Matt and Justin to talk a little bit about random things and a lot a bit about Star Wars.

Outlandish Podcast #327: It's Not Cheating If They Let You Do It

So much World of Warcraft talk, it's like it's 2008 all over again!

Outlandish Podcast #326: Did You Miss Us?

Outlandish Podcast - The gang comes back together after a month long hiatus and is still funnier than ever.

Outlandish Podcast #325: Not Impressed

Outlandish Podcast - Jeremy talks Farcry 3, Blizzcon, and Warcraft movie trailer; Justin talks Dying Light, Galak-Z, and It; Matt talks 3.5.

Outlandish Podcast #324: Advanced Listener Copy

Jeremy talks Crypt of the Necrodancer, Minecraft Story Mode, and WoW; Justin talks Geometry Wars 3, Matt talks 3.5.

Outlandish Podcast #323: It's Like .5 Again

Outlandish Podcast - Jeremy still playing HotS, Justin is churning through It, and Matt is... well, Matt.

Outlandish Podcast #322: It's HotS in here

Heroes of the Storm, boy scouts, 80s comedies, The Witcher 3 again, and reading.

Outlandish Podcast #321: I Broke My Chair

World of Warcraft, WoW, and Burning Legion. Also Witcher 3. Deja vu.

Outlandish Podcast #320: You Are Totally Prepared Still

World of Warcraft, WoW, and Burning Legion. Also, Witcher 3.

Outlandish Podcast #319: Gen Con 2015

Justin, Matt, and Erik record at their hotel in Indianapolis while attending Gen Con 2015.

Outlandish Podcast #318: Everybody Talks Too Much

Jeremy talks about getting Exalted with the new factions. Justin talks Crypt of the Necrodancer. Matt is random.

Outlandish Podcast #317: I'm All Ashy

Batman: Arkham Knight, Hannibal, Ghostbusters, Batman stories, Ash vs Evil Dead.

Outlandish Podcast #316: To the Volcano!

World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto 5, Minecraft, Steam sale, and sacrificial virgins.

Outlandish Podcast #315: Identify Yourself

Jeremy talks about WoW and Justin joins in with GTA talk and the Steam sale.

Outlandish Podcast #314: Mad Matts

Jeremy talks about the announcement of the lack of flying in future WoW expansions. Justin talks Mad Max Fury Road.

Outlandish Podcast #313: We'll Fix it in Post Production

Jeremy talks about WoW, or lack there of, GTA 5, and watching documentaries.

Outlandish Podcast #312: It Didn't Happen

Buying a house, GTA 5 and screenshots, Daredevil, and Avengers 2 Age of Ultron.

Outlandish Podcast #311: We Found a Leak

Outlandish Podcast - WoW, TPS Reports, Seth is addicted to Minecraft, XCOM: Enemy Within, Game of Thrones.

Outlandish Podcast #310: Everywhere You Look

Google Pac-Man, Houston, Space, WoW, XCOM: Enemy Within, Cities, and NetFlix resurrects tv shows.

Outlandish Podcast #308: HEXcom

John stops by to talk construction woes, Matt talks Hex, and Justin talks XCOM. Hilarity ensues.

Outlandish Podcast #307: The Long Skyline

The guys talk WoW, Cities: Skylines, Carmageddon, XCOM: Enemy Within.

Outlandish Podcast #306: It's Freezing in Here

Outlandish Podcast - Justin and Matt talk about Spotify, Sword Art Online, VR, MMOs, Dishonored, SXSW, and Cryonics.

Outlandish Podcast #305: And Some Like 'em Long

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt talk about WoW 6.1 off the top of their heads, Jeremy runs old raids for achievements, Justin plays games on...

Outlandish Podcast #304: Some Like 'em Short

Jeremy and Matt are on to host the shortest non-parody podcast they've every done in the 7 years they've been podcasting.

Outlandish Podcast #303: Traveling Between Lives

Justin and Matt discuss life, travel, and everything in between.

Outlandish Podcast #302: Letters! We Got Letters!

World of Warcraft, Lazy Netflix, Doc Martin, Binding of Isaac Rebirth, and life.

Outlandish Podcast #301: Ready, Seth, Host

Jeremy, Justin, Matt, and Seth sit around a table and talk Minecraft, WoW, and Binding of Isaac 2.

Outlandish Podcast #300: Outlandish Podcast 300th Episode Christmas Extravaganza

Just like our past episode 100s, we do it live and streamed it on Twitch.tv

Outlandish Podcast #299.5: Dun dun duuun dun da duuun dun da duuun

John is back again to help hold off on episode 300 and we end up back on Star Wars again.

Outlandish Podcast #299: I'll be in my Trailer

John joins us to talk about the new Star Wars trailer and our childhood memories.

Outlandish Podcast #298: They're All My Favorite

Justin is out and WoW is back in! Jeremy and Matt talk Warlords of Draenor like it's episode 45!

Outlandish Podcast #297: WoW! It's WoD!

A throwback to all our World of Warcraft fans. We go full on WoW for the release of Warlords of Draenor.

Outlandish Podcast #296: Overcast Episode #1

WoW all the way, Justin finishes Buffy and plays Child of Light.

Outlandish Podcast #295: Episode #295 : Marquis of Marquees

We talk more WoW, more Buffy, more Angel, DIY marquee, Trials, and elections.

Outlandish Podcast #294: Episode #294 : Shhh, Shhh, It's Coconut Time

Jeremy joins Matt in talking the new 6.0 World of Warcraft patch. Tons of WoW. We're podcasting like it's episode 95!

Outlandish Podcast #293: Episode #293 : Foosball is the Devil!

Arkansas foosball, useless statistics, ebola, leveling a WoW druid, Volgar the Viking, and Buffy.

Outlandish Podcast #292: Episode #292 : People Still Play That?

Football, broken bones, Papers Please, Prison Architect, Terra, Brutal Doom, BtVS, Angel.

Outlandish Podcast #291: Episode #291 : Bones of the Buff Angel

Jeremy visits an aquarium and Legoland, Justin talks about BtVS, and wizards and barbarian football.

Outlandish Podcast #290: DnD PPR League

Justin talks about BtVS, that's Buffy the Vampire Slayer for all you non-cool folks. Also, Dungeons and Dragons football.

Outlandish Podcast #289: Let's Move the Program, Listener

Jeremy talks moving, Justin hates kids learning programming, and Matt listens.

Outlandish Podcast #288: Gen Con 2014

Gen Con Special. Special guest Erik joins Matt and Justin to talk about Düdle, Hex, Yats, and everything else they did at Gen Con this...

Outlandish Podcast #287: Together Again

Jeremy, Justin, and Matt are back together again after several weeks apart to talk about what people love, themselves.

Outlandish Podcast #286: Movie Maker

Jeremy talks about Seth making videos, or better yet, him making videos.

Outlandish Podcast #285: Become

Jeremy talks about Seth starting his YouTube channel, WoW, putting together legos, Minecraft. Justin talks Crimsonland.

Outlandish Podcast #284: From the Caribbean Sea to a Caribbean Island

Jeremy talks about beating Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and playing Tropico 5.

Outlandish Podcast #283: I Can't Remember the Title of This Episode

John stops by and we talk Alzheimers, recognition by buildings being named after you, and some video game shop talk.

Outlandish Podcast #282: Bag

We talk about our Steam sale loots, Battleblock Theater, and more Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

Outlandish Podcast #281: I Crushed My Han

Han Solo crushed by Millenium Falcon, Democracy 3, Forced, Edge of Tomorrow is amazing, and a guy plays catch up to wasting time in WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #280: 280 Episodes Down, X to go.

Kickstarter delays, pick and choose girlfriend arguments, HD vs SD, Hex, Warlords of Draenor, and Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

Outlandish Podcast #279: Here comes 279

Minecraft, kid parties, real world talent system, Warlame, Game of Thrones, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #278: And 278 gets a title

We talk about Minecraft, Spelunky, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Warframe, and how Matt is involved in the Wizards of the Coast vs Hex...

Outlandish Podcast #277: Episode 277

We talk about Minecraft One Finger Death Punch, and more Minecraft.

Outlandish Podcast #276: Why Can't Matt Remember To Give These Things Titles?

We talk about Minecraft and some other things I cannot remember.

Outlandish Podcast #275: Kerbal Finger Death Program

We talk Kerbal Space Program, Grimm Fairy Tales, the first terrible Wolverine movie, Dark Souls, One Finger Death Punch.

Outlandish Podcast #274: Captain Spoiler

We talk Dark Souls, Captain America 2, Blade Runner.

Outlandish Podcast #273: For Your Chronological Viewing Pleasure

We talk Breaking Bad, Lost Redux, Back to the Future Redux, WoW fishing, Star Wars, Dark Souls 1, WoD Alpha Notes, Free Origin Games.

Outlandish Podcast #272: Our Corrupted Dark Souls

Jeremy talks emulating an android tablet, Justin ditches WoW to play Dark Souls 1, and Matt talks Hex.

Outlandish Podcast #271: The Outlandish Parable

Jeremy and Justin talks The Stanley Parable, Justin talks WoW, Matt talks 3.5

Outlandish Podcast #270: A Whole New Level

We talk some low level WoW play, Jeremy playing mobile games, and Matt plays The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

Outlandish Podcast #269: Justin is Playing WHAT?!

We talk about the level 90 boost, Justin talks about playing a monk, Matt talks about the Rust server.

Outlandish Podcast #268: But I Didn't Miss This One!

Jeremy talks WoW and trying to farm mounts, Justin and Jeremy talk Hearthstone, Matt talks Arrow and Hex.

Outlandish Podcast #267: Still Missing Them

Six long years and we are all playing the same game, Hearthstone. Also, we've rented a Rust server, come join us.

Outlandish Podcast #266: Missed This One Too

Justin, Matt, and John are on this week of Outlandish to talk about Rust, DC Comics movies, and Quentin Tarantino.

Outlandish Podcast #265: Missed This One

The second episode of 2014 and we're talking some WoW pet battles, a flash game, and Japanese anime about American football.

Outlandish Podcast #264: Justin is Casual Gamer

We're back to kick off 2014 and we don't disappoint. Well, unless you wanted a good episode to kick it off.

Outlandish Podcast #263: Sneaky Time

Tag! Jeremy's out, John's in. We're talking fantasy football, women and criticism, video games, and Hex.

Outlandish Podcast #262: Outlandish Rim

The original three are back at it. We talk WoW, lack of video game commitment, and Magic vs Hex.

Outlandish Podcast #261: AngryNerd Angry and WoW More Outlands

John joins us on a special episode of Outlandish where we talk about girlfriends, Iceland, and video games.

Outlandish Podcast #260: CasualSlacks Wants to Comment

Jeremy and Matt talk a little Blizzard stuff, Saints Row 3, and Counter Strike GO.

Outlandish Podcast #259: Iceland is Green?

Matt and Justin talk about BlizzCon, vacations, solar grill kickstarter, and some 3.5.

Outlandish Podcast #258: Rambling

Justin's out. Me and Jeremy ramble for 45 minutes to satisfy the masses.

Outlandish Podcast #257: Battlestar Justin

Justin talks Battlestar Galactica, we talk Agents of SHIELD and Joss Whedon, Matt talks Clash of Clans for iOS.

Outlandish Podcast #256: Hell Frozeth Over

Jeremy cancels WoW, Hell freezes over, and pigs are reported to fly.

Outlandish Podcast #255: To Hell with the Auction House

Diablo 3 AH dismantling in April, XCom Enemy Unknown, Payday 2.

Outlandish Podcast #254: Slowly Dying Into Obscurity

We talk about the patch 5.4 ending, XCom Enemy Unknown, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Hearthstone.

Outlandish Podcast #253: 2004 Discussion

It's a two man show, Justin and Matt. They talk Riddick, XCom, and Penny Arcade. It's 2004!

Outlandish Podcast #252: Alien Payday

Jeremy talks about the death of his computer. Justin talks X-Com Enemy Unknown. Matt talks Payday 2.

Outlandish Podcast #251: A New Challenger Has Arrived!

Episode 251 brings about a new voice to the podcast, Erik Belsaas. Erik attends Gen Con with us and we talk about our fun times.

Outlandish Podcast #250: A Milestone!

We celebrate episode 250! We talk BlizzCon. Jeremy talks Yahoo troubles, Trade Skill Master WoW add-on. Justin talks more FarCry 3 and...

Outlandish Podcast #249: A FarCry From Great

Jeremy talks WoW in-game store and difference between LFR and Heroic gear. Justin talks FarCry 3. Matt talks making an Outlandish mobile...

Outlandish Podcast #248: Badly Named Episode That Doesn't Promote What It's About

Jeremy does nothing in WoW but talks family. Justin loves Pacific Rim and Rogue Legacy.

Outlandish Podcast #247: Barkcast

We talk about Blizzard's see saw, transmog helms, and it grabbing macro trans by the reins. Justin talks Steam sales and Rogue Legacy....

Outlandish Podcast #246: Jeremy's Back... From the Delivery Room

Jeremy's back so we talk WoW in-game store and his pet achievement, Justin talks Rogue Legacy and Steam sale, Matt talks nothing but 3.5...

Outlandish Podcast #245: America's Fireworks Day

In game store for WoW? We talk about it, The Witcher 2, living with girlfriends, and 3.5.

Outlandish Podcast #244: Virtual Occulus Rift

We talk Virtual Realms, gold limits, weekly sales in between our episodes, Fire Festival, Jimmy Falon WoW video, Crysis 2, Dark Souls, and...

Outlandish Podcast #243: E3 iPhone Home

John shows up to help us segue into E3 talks, Justin grabs the reins and talks E3, Matt talks more Hex and 3.5

Outlandish Podcast #242: Yeah, This Raid Flex

Jeremy talks Flex Raids, Justin talks Torchlight 2 and Just Cause 2, Matt talks a little 3.5 and Hex.

Outlandish Podcast #241: Booster Giraffes

Jeremy talks obtaining new pets in old dungeons, Justin talks Minigore 2 and Breaking Bad, Matt talks Hex, Hex, and more Hex.

Outlandish Podcast #240: The Wheeol

Jeremy talks WoW and Patch 5.3, Justin talks Xbox One, Matt talks about his guest appearance on Happy Hearthstone with Josh Augustine.

Outlandish Podcast #239: Going Where Podcasts Have Already Been

Jeremy clears his schedule for us and talks some WoW. Justin is bored with games. Matt has tons of 3.5

Outlandish Podcast #238: Vote John for Outlandish 4th Chair

John's stepping in and talking politics and hating sports. Justin has nothing and Matt provides random 3.5.

Outlandish Podcast #237: MMOs Should be MSPO (Massive Single Players Online)

Jeremy ran the last part of the new raid. BlizzCon tickets have come and gone. Justin talks Guild Wars 2. Matt kills time with random thoughts.

Outlandish Podcast #236: Just the Two of Us, We Won't Bother to Try

This had the same description as 235 in the xml file... but I wasn't there and didn't listen so I have no idea what it's about!

Outlandish Podcast #235: Creative Battle Pet Captures

Jeremy talks about creatively obtaining a battle pet. Justin talks Torchlight 2 and anime. Matt talks 3.5.

Outlandish Podcast #234: Infinte Shock and Awe

Jeremy's here to talk about what he's been up to. Justin beat Bioshock Infinite. Matt remembers 3.5 stuff.

Outlandish Podcast #233: Deja John

John's back again to talk about the same ole same old. Feels like last week.

Outlandish Podcast #232: Let's Play D&D at a B&B

Jeremy's out and John's filling in for a couple weeks. Dungeons and Dragons, Google glasses, PAX East, Hearthstone, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #231: Forums Full, Try Again in 30 Minutes

After a week off we're back to talk about nothing or something: SimCity, Sleeping Dogs, and more Puzzle and Dragons.

Outlandish Podcast #230: Puzzle & Drakes? Puzzle & Wyvern? I Forget.

This episode is all a blur. Some P&D, some Metal Gear Rising, some ramblings of mad men.

Outlandish Podcast #229: Platinum Puzzle(s) & Dragons

Platinum facts, lots of Puzzle, singular not plural, but Puzzle and Dragons, 37 minutes worth.

Outlandish Podcast #228: Bungle's Destiny

Lots of WoW, SimCity beta, Dead Island, and we find out our Destiny.

Outlandish Podcast #227: Where Did the Time Go?

Hotline Miami, Puzzles and Dragons, Matt is Boring.

Outlandish Podcast #226: A Little Organization?

WoW movie director announced, tons of data mining we didn't care to cover. Hotline Miami talk. Ending of G4 and Attack of the Show.

Outlandish Podcast #225: WoW, Thunderforged Higher Quality Looted

We end up talking about some WoW, namely Thunderforged Loot. We also discuss the CBS-CNET Hopper controversy, as well as THQ auction,...

Outlandish Podcast #224: Neverending MoP Story

Jeremy, WoW and blue posts. Justin, Mark of the Ninja. Matt, bringing 3.5 back and worse than ever.

Outlandish Podcast #223: What Did We Talk About Again?

Jeremy, WoW. Justin, Steam games. Matt, no 3.5 provided because he forgot.

Outlandish Podcast #222: World of Dinobots

Dinobots in WoW, Justin talks Asukawasaki's Motorbike Wrath PS3 game he finally got around to playing, Matt listens tentatively.

Outlandish Podcast #221: Happy Chrishanikwanza Eve!

We talk some WoW lore and the Thunder-Lord-God King-Prince-Ruler and Justin talks some more FTL.

Outlandish Podcast #220: Forgot I Had To Make This Topic

The original trio are back at it. Jeremy talks about a couple of raids, Justin talks FTL, and Matt just talks.

Outlandish Podcast #219: Great Winter Flail

John stops by and amazes us with his ability to talk about nothing... for over an hour and a half.

Outlandish Podcast #218: Zzzzzz... Huh? Patch 5.1? Zzzzzz...

Patch 5.1 came out, consider us unimpressed. Where's all the new content? Yawn.

Outlandish Podcast #217: Over 30 Minutes of WoW Talk!

WoW! Over 30 minutes of World of Warcraft talk, it's been so long. You're welcome and we're sorry.

Outlandish Podcast #216: The Walking Spoilers

Spoilers, we're going to be spoiling The Walking Dead comic book and tv show but hey, not the game! You've been warned. Also, Matt's back...

Outlandish Podcast #215: Casa Podcast

Back after two weeks, the location of where we record may have changed but not our style. We still hate things.

Outlandish Podcast #214: Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate

Hallows End hasn't changed, WoW hasn't changed, we haven't changed. Still hating on Blizzard.

Outlandish Podcast #213: Black Market Podcast

Jeremy talks about the Black Market Auction House, questing, and his struggle with reforging.

Outlandish Podcast #212: Bring a MoP

Jeremy talks MoP questing, cooking, and the future.

Outlandish Podcast #211: WoW, It's Back!

Jeremy stops in Monday evening to talk about WoW so you guys have something interesting to listen to.

Outlandish Podcast #209: Patch 5.0.ChangeIsNeverGood

What's happening in Patch 5.0.4 for WoW and how are things shaking up for Jeremy?

Outlandish Podcast #208: Patches As Far As The Eye Can See

Jeremy's back to talk WoW and Diablo 3 patches!

Outlandish Podcast #207: Fantasy Video Game Draft

Matt and Justin talk about Space Marine, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2 Mann vs Machine, and the dreaded Fantasy...

Outlandish Podcast #206: Outlandish Olympics

Around, around we go, who'll be on the podcast, no one knows. *Whispers* It's Matt and Justin.

Outlandish Podcast #205: Random Wikiwheredia

Justin skips out, Matt does all the talking. You are all doomed.

Outlandish Podcast #204: That's Crazy!

The trio is back in action and we have a little guest appearance at the end of the podcast.

Outlandish Podcast #203: Driver 4: Outlandish

Minus One Jeremy, Plus More Fun! Shhhhh, don't tell Jeremy that though.

Outlandish Podcast #202: Real Money Argument House

We argue the influence of gold selling on the RMAH as well as talk Steam Sale!

Outlandish Podcast #201: Back To Basics

We toss away the live online audience and go right back to being terrible in front of no one.

Outlandish Podcast #200: Video Killed The Podcast

Episode 200 was recorded in front of a live online audience.

Outlandish Podcast #199: Track Our Seeding Tracker

We talk stealth Diablo nerfs, bugs, exploits, and what keeps Matt entrenched when WoW cannot.

Outlandish Podcast #198: "Exploit Me!" Says Diablo

We talk Diablo: Exploits and clever use of bad programming, not game mechanics.

Outlandish Podcast #197: El Diablo

Jeremy's out, John's in, filling the J-hole with Minecraft talk. We discuss our Diablo woes.

Outlandish Podcast #196: Segment 3 Has Been Disabled

We talk about more Diablo 3, which you should get use to now. We talk Auction House and the Real Money version.

Outlandish Podcast #195: Diab-WHOOOOOA!

Look, no one cares about WoW right now... DIABLO 3 JUST CAME OUT!

Outlandish Podcast #194: KICK IT!

We talk some WoW, argue about Kickstart and it's use now, and whether we need movie trailers.

Outlandish Podcast #193: Books, We Check 'Em Out!

We talk books this week: Jeremy read Snow Crash and Matt finished Stranger in a Strange Land and Old Man's War. Justin still playing Skyrim.

Outlandish Podcast #192: FIGHT!

Jeremy watched Scott Pilgrim! We talk a little about WoW and MoP beta. Justin and Jeremy talk Skyrim. Matt listens.

Outlandish Podcast #191: Legendary Jeremy

Jeremy gets Legendary, Justin visits Skyrim, and Matt is just plain boring.

Outlandish Podcast #190: Ready Podcast Outlandish

MoPing up Blizzard's mess, more Mass Effect 3, and Ready Player One discussion.

Outlandish Podcast #189: April's Fools

We talk MoP, Blizzard's April Fool's Jokes, Hate on Mass Effect 3 Vanguards, and literature?

Outlandish Podcast #188: The Beta Boo Hoos

Jeremy talks about his loyal guildmates and MoP beta and Justin talks more Mass Effect 3.

Outlandish Podcast #187: Murder

Jeremy returns to talk about WoW and the Scroll of Resurrection, Justin rants about Mass Effect 3, and Matt listens?

Outlandish Podcast #186: Scroll of Subscription Resurrection

We talk about Scroll of Resurrection, Mass Effect 3, and emotional video games.

Outlandish Podcast #185: WoW, Josh is the new Jeremy

We're on the road in Episode 185, down in Austin with Josh Augustine from PC Gamer magazine.

Outlandish Podcast #184: It's Pronounced Ver-Sail-Lees

Not much WoW to discuss but Justin talks Bastion, Dear Esther, and we discuss what is considered art.

Outlandish Podcast #183: New Mount, Old Animation

A new mount hits the Blizzard store. Could it be a hint at the Pandarian mount? Jeremy's not buying it.

Outlandish Podcast #182: WoW, Look at Them Subs Drop

WoW subs down, Diablo 3 release date, Battle.net Balance, Skyrim Mods, Dr. Beat, and more.

Outlandish Podcast #181: No BlizzCon? No Problem.

We talk no BlizzCon yet 2012 World Champs, a new patch without content, West Wing, yes from the turn of the century and Matt wants to be more open.

Outlandish Podcast #180: The WoW Lull is Upon Us

We hit the lull of WoW news, Justin talks SWTOR and Matt is booooring.

Outlandish Podcast #179: T-Minus 365 Days til MoP?

We discuss MMO Champ rehashing old news and Matt seems to be falling in love with Pet Battles.

Outlandish Podcast #178: Something Witty

Jeremy became Guild Leader?! What the?! Skyrim, TOR, and more!

Outlandish Podcast #177: Deathwing vs Darth Windu

Jeremy talks about his triumphant victory over Deathwing as Justin and Matt talk Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Outlandish Podcast #176: Blizzard Beta Battletags

We try to figure out what a Blizzard BattleTag is and whether it's their acknowledgment that Real ID was dumb. Also we talk Old Republic and DC Universe Online.

Outlandish Podcast #175: Blizzard Beta Battle Balance Bucks

Jeremy tells us more about what he's doing in 4.3 while Matt and Justin talk about their visitors during recording.

Outlandish Podcast #174: The Cataclysm For Cataclysm

4.3 is upon us and with it brings new dungeons, raid, an island and some hidden gems.

Outlandish Podcast #173: Same Old MMO, Same Old Cycle

Patch 4.3 is hitting this week and we recap the additions with a fantastic outlook on how fun it will be to do the same things for a different reputation.

Outlandish Podcast #172: Seven Years, WoW.

Seven years of WoW, and the graphics don't look a day over five.

Outlandish Podcast #171: Occupy Memories

We gather to talk about the expected release of 4.3 along with catching up on what's in that damn patch. Also some old crushes as kids.

Outlandish Podcast #170: Justin Free, Let it Be

Justin's out so it's 1v1 in the Blizzard hate. Jeremy talks WoW while Matt give his absurd views.

Outlandish Podcast #169: Mists of Blizzcon

BlizzCon leads to Mists of Pandaria that leads to us arguing over excitement or boredom.

Outlandish Podcast #168: Cub Hub-Bub

We discuss cub controversy and Jeremy's guild news. We also talk game pre-order incentives and technology making us lazy.

Outlandish Podcast #167: Make-up Episode

We talk about Void Storage and other 4.3 things we've forgotten as well as makeup cybersex.

Outlandish Podcast #166: Two Weeks, Too Little

Jeremy returns to bore Matt and Justin with WoW but don't worry, there's two segments after that to entertain you.

Outlandish Podcast #165: Podcasticitis

Without Jeremy we have hardly any WoW content but that doesn't mean we do not bring the entertainment.

Outlandish Podcast #164: Post Apocalypse Now!

WoW bores us for the first segment, post apocalypse rambles enlighten us in the second, and weird questions from Matt puzzle us in the final segment.

Outlandish Podcast #163: Biz Markie's Humpty Dance

WoW entertains us for the first segement, movies in the second segment, and random jibberish for the final segment.

Outlandish Podcast #162: An A Faire To Remember

We give WoW a fair talking about because we talk about the new Darkmoon Faire coming in 4.3 also is random 1-100 better than 1-12?

Outlandish Podcast #161: 60 Seconds or Gone

Reformated to better suit us and you. Segement 1, WoW; Segment 2, Random stuff; Segment 3, Now 3.5

Outlandish Podcast #160.5: It's the Final Countdown

Just 3.5 this week and will return in 161 with a different format and a change in content.

Outlandish Podcast #160: The Times They are a Changing

In this Episode of Outlandish we get back to what truly matters, and after that 5 minutes of WoW we ramble.

Outlandish Podcast #159: Disguised Emails

We came, we talked, and we let you down on the WoW talks but prevailed on the 3.5

Outlandish Podcast #158: Leaves; Let us Loosen Them

Jeremy talks boring Firelands Raiding BUT catches our attention with some guild drama.

Outlandish Podcast #157: Short and Salty

We have one of the shortest episodes of Outlandish ever. Alright, maybe not ever but it's pretty short.

Outlandish Podcast #156: So Fresh and so Clean, Clean!

Be amazed as this episode of Outlandish is NOT marked explicit. Go figure!

Outlandish Podcast #155: 3 Segments of WoW? WoW!

We go the full 3 segments talking about nothing but WoW, be amazed.

Outlandish Podcast #154: The Vaggage Dialog

We have little WoW to talk about before 4.2 hits but lots of everything else.

Outlandish Podcast #153: Even BABIES Are Bored

We have a discussion on how a guild should handle the legendary weapon distributions and also the Authenticator changes.

Outlandish Podcast #152: Waiting for Boredom

We are growing really, really tired of not having 4.2 yet. Just bring it out already!

Outlandish Podcast #151: WoW, We're Bored

Blizzard "nerfs" the Goblin racial we all so loved. We also discuss the transition to 4.2

Outlandish Podcast #150.5: Infogrames is Entertainment

Our decadian? episode where we don't talk about WoW because we take the week off and just give you 3.5 from last week's episode.

Outlandish Podcast #150: Subscription Payment What's Your Function?

Controversy stirs the WoW news pot as we discuss what our subscription is actually paying for

Outlandish Podcast #149: Where's my Geisha Mount?

We talk raid progression and what Blizzard should do to gain or keep their subscribers.

Outlandish Podcast #148: Something About Muddy WoW

We continue to talk about what we can expect with Patch 4.2 and discuss auction house ethics with guildmates.

Outlandish Podcast #147: shit_we_changed.txt

Things are broken, as to be expected with every patch but how long before it's fixed?

Outlandish Podcast #146: It's a Patch 22

The wait is finally over, Jeremy is back and Episode 146 is here. Also, that long awaited patch 4.1 as well.

Outlandish Podcast #145: Patch 4.Never

The lull for Patch 4.1 has set us free to to see the world... without warcraft. We discuss Blizzcon tickets and warlock's gender issues.

Outlandish Podcast #144: Easy Like One Through Seventyyyy

We talk about the ease of leveling alts as well as how overpowered we feel. Also we discuss the long wait for Patch 4.1.

Outlandish Podcast #143: Alts Abound

In the absence of Jeremy, Matt and Justin's alts run wild in What We've Been Doing. Outlandish guild is blowing up!

Outlandish Podcast #142.5: The Future is Now!

The NDA has been lifted and we are able to release this special episode to explain what Matt has been tweeting.

Outlandish Podcast #142: The Unfathomable Episode

Outlandish Podcast - Matt finishes his exciting saga of "False Idols and Fake Personas". We discuss more 4.1 changes and other news.

Outlandish Podcast #141: Muy Pequeño

Matt tries to pull a fast one on False Idols but epic fails but he does make a prediction that came true.

Outlandish Podcast #140.5: Golden Smacks

It's our usual week off, enjoy some 3.5 action on us and come back for Episode 141 where we'll discuss WoW again.

Outlandish Podcast #140: Twinks, Cho'Gall, and 4.1 Son

Matt talks about leveling his twink hunter while Jeremy and Justin talk about Cho'gall and more 4.1 talk.

Outlandish Podcast #139: False Idols Worshipped No Longer

Matt discusses his misadventures of being kicked out of the guild; also he HATES the goblin starting

Outlandish Podcast #138: GM's Love Us!

We talk about our run in with a GM and the news that resulted from it.

Outlandish Podcast #137: Arena Shmena

We discuss our fabulous 5 man arena team and how much we love arena... not really.

Outlandish Podcast #136: Three Whole Years

Outlandish Podcast - Talk about the joys of 10 man vs 25 man and the changes to luck of the draw and upcoming patch 4.0.6.

Outlandish Podcast #135: Nothing Funny or Poignant

This week we discuss our trials and tribulations of Atramedes. It's like the movie Blind Fury, but with a dragon.

Outlandish Podcast #134: If I Totem Once, I Totem a Thousand Needles

We talk about our raid progression and downing some new bosses and the strats we used. Also, Matt rants about the justice point prices for crafting mats.

Outlandish Podcast #133: Mama Pearl's White Biscuits

We talk more about raiding and what we're doing with the new content. We talk more patch notes but not much.

Outlandish Podcast #132: Conspiracy Raiding

We talk about our first raiding experience with Cataclysm and also the conspiracy behind it.

Outlandish Podcast #131: We Do Stuff

We come back from the holiday break to talk about our heroic runs and news in WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #130: The Bad Puncast

We come at you with excitement, intrigue, and all around great discussion of Cataclysm. Also, Happy Holidays from Outlandish Podcast.

Outlandish Podcast #129: We're Counting on You

Just like Cataclysm, this podcast was released hastily with a lot of errors. Episode 130 will have the fixes though. Bazinga!

Outlandish Podcast #128: I'm Selling You to Scientists!

We discuss the new zones, starting areas, and anticipation for cataclysm

Outlandish Podcast #127: The Patch Heard 'Round the World... of Warcraft

THE patch hit this week and we're here to talk about it in all its glory

Outlandish Podcast #126: It's Open Source

The Shattering, Part X. We hope you had fun killing useless bosses for easy gear? 3.5 is here to cheer you up.

Outlandish Podcast #125: We've Evolved Past Exhalation

The Shattering, Part 2. It's still lackluster and it gives us a good 5 minutes of discussion.

Outlandish Podcast #124: The Crappening, Part 1

The Shattering. We talk about it and answer a few e-mails.

Outlandish Podcast #123: It's Not Bone, It's Stone

Jeremy is back and we are talking a lot of 3.5 content inbetween the WoW stuff.

Outlandish Podcast #122: Two Guys, One BlizzCon, Not As Good As You'd Expect

BlizzCon, we discuss it in all it's lackluster glory.

Outlandish Podcast #121: 4.Woe

We come back to our weekly release and talk about all the changes with the patch.

Outlandish Podcast #120: Did You Miss Us?

4.0.1 hits the airwaves... well, internetwaves. We talk a little about it and our anticipation for Cataclysm.

Outlandish Podcast #119: Hot Vs Crazy

We talk about 4.0 hitting the background downloader and what it has in store for us as well as more Cata news.

Outlandish Podcast #118: We're Definitely Off-Broadway

More cata news coming out... but that's really about it.

Outlandish Podcast #117: Opposite ÷ Adjacent

We talk about some old world rep grinding with Jeremy, Cata stuff, and tangents galore.

Outlandish Podcast #116: Can I Interest You in Stopping

Like every episode you can expect until Cataclysm comes out, it's tangents after tangents.

Outlandish Podcast #115: We're Going Bi! (weekly)

We catch up on the beta talk and discuss the talent trees and guild perks.

Outlandish Podcast #114: Pizzerius Coitus Interruptus

Discussion of Real ID and Blizzard's Retraction, some Cataclysm talk, and a talent tree revamp. All this week with some 3.5.

Outlandish Podcast #113: The OTHER Episode Between Episodes

We skip this week and bring you 3.5 from Episode 112 to keep you entertained.

Outlandish Podcast #112: R.I.P. A.V.R.

We all are together again, a happy family that is bored and want something exciting in WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #111: Gone!

We are without a Justin, Guild talent points, Path of the Titans and other meaningless stuff.

Outlandish Podcast #110.5: These Dreams

This is our week off so this is just our 3.5 cut from podcast 110. Enjoy.

Outlandish Podcast #110: Sans Nobody

We talk about WoW in every shape and form, after that 5 minutes we go on to talk about interesting stuff.

Outlandish Podcast #109: Sans Justin

With podcast 106 Jeremy-less, 108 Sans Matt, it's only right for 109 to be Justin free.

Outlandish Podcast #108: Sans Matt

This week, Matt is gone and Jeremy actually has to talk. Woo.

Outlandish Podcast #107: Hey la, Hey la, Jeremy's Back

We talk 10% WoW, 90% awesome 3.5. Enjoy!

Outlandish Podcast #106: Sans Jeremy

This podcast is Jeremy free, so rejoice! I kid, but Matt and Justin tackle the Cataclysm leak.

Outlandish Podcast #105: Raiding or Rating

We talk about upcoming Children's Week... not really. But we do discuss something related to WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #104: The Road to Justin's House

Going the distance in our first segment while cutting it short in the second and third but wrapping up nice in the 3.5

Outlandish Podcast #103: That's as Sweet as it Gets

We review the Paladin class preview for Cataclysm and also talk about the new pet and mount that debuted in the Blizzard store.

Outlandish Podcast #102: CataPvPclysm

Whew, busy week in WoW news. We cover the 9 classes in review and give our picks on who got best and worst review

Outlandish Podcast #101: It's Like Starting All Over

We recap our two weeks away and go over what little news there was.

Outlandish Podcast #100.5: Clip Show #6

We take the week off but bring you some clips that have made you laugh from the past 100 podcasts.

Outlandish Podcast #100: Let's do it Live!

We broadcasted live, you missed it. We also talked about Gnomeregan and Echo Isles info.

Outlandish Podcast #99: Clearly You Don't Know Scientology

We finally down Putricide in 25 man and talk about an awesome Blood Queen addon that EVERYONE should use.

Outlandish Podcast #98: It's Not Very Clear

News hits about the stats changes coming from Cataclysm and we do our long and boring discussion.

Outlandish Podcast #97: This Oughta be Bad

We talk about the Developer Q and A on Twitter as well as our continuing progression in ICC both 10 and 25.

Outlandish Podcast #96: Tangential

Patch 3.3.3 Notes hit the net and we talk about them and their impact as well as the upcoming raid content, Ruby Sanctum.

Outlandish Podcast #95: I Win! I Win!

We talk more indepth on our guild progression as well as discussing some strategies we are going through in ICC.

Outlandish Podcast #94: It Hurts.

Podcast 94 has us discussing our 10 and 25 man progression as well as our guild leadership and how it affects us.

Outlandish Podcast #93: Yet Another Terrible Topic

Podcast 93 has us discussing our 10 and 25 man progression, the upcoming patch, and a review on podcasting.

Outlandish Podcast #92: The Sound of Microsoft

Podcast 92 covers our downing of 10 man Putricide, some talks about the upcoming Vault boss, and we talk more on GearScore.

Outlandish Podcast #91: Good News, Everyone!

In podcast 91 we talk about our 10 man and 25 man progression. We also talk about what's in the news.

Outlandish Podcast #90.5: Takin' a Break

It's our week off so don't judge us by this. Check us out in podcast 91 for actual WoW coverage and talk.

Outlandish Podcast #90: 28 Days Later

We talk about a few addons we use as well as discussion on the use of Emblems of Frost.

Outlandish Podcast #89: The Kung Fu Kid

We talk more about our "progression" through ICC. And news was dead. Happy Holidays!

Outlandish Podcast #88: Great Scott

We talk about running through 10 & 25 man ICC.

Outlandish Podcast #87: Finally

3.3 finally hit and we talk about our woes and joys of its release.

Outlandish Podcast #86: Faceboogers

We are still bored with WoW. God help us if Patch 3.3 isn't out when you listen to this.

Outlandish Podcast #85: Ocho Cinco

It's still slow. We talk about Pilgrim's Bounty and a little more about Patch 3.3

Outlandish Podcast #84: Too Many of a Several Few

In this podcast we didn't talk about much. It is sloooow.

Outlandish Podcast #83: Preparations Have Been Made

We talk about the news of BlizzCon Vegas and patch 3.3 changes for upcoming Cataclysm.

Outlandish Podcast #82: Now What Did I Do With That Horse Armor...

It's been two weeks since we last recorded a podcast, will we have tons to talk about? Listen and find out.

Outlandish Podcast #81: The podcast That Shall Remain Nameless

It's been two weeks since we last recorded a podcast, will we have tons to talk about? Listen and find out.

Outlandish Podcast #80.5: Jeremy did see Favre's Interception

Only 3.5 action coming your way here. This is our week off... deal with it!

Outlandish Podcast #80: That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles, Bitch

We talk about our attempts at Yogg +3, -1, without Mimiron, also the news and what's going on with the PTR.

Outlandish Podcast #79: Winding Down Towards Icecrown

In podcast 79 we talk about the PTR and what's going on with 3.3.

Outlandish Podcast #78: Show Notes by Mandy (she doesn't have anything else to do)

In podcast 78 we toss around our guesses on when 3.3 will hit now that it's out on the PTR and news is coming out of the woodworks.

Outlandish Podcast #77: That's a 50 DKP Minus

In podcast 77 we talk about Onxyia's new debut and also answer e-mails about our DKP system discussion.

Outlandish Podcast #76: You Like it Long, Don't You?

In this podcast we go more in-depth with DKP and EP/GP with our guild leader, Tannist.

Outlandish Podcast #75: Aww, He Looks Like a Little Baby Kel'Thuzad

Podcast 75 brings up the discussion of DKP systems and whether they should deflate previous raid loot.

Outlandish Podcast #74: HAHAHA..Haha... ha... screw you guys

In podcast 74 we talk about our woes of raiding and talk about the faction transfer feature going live.

Outlandish Podcast #73: BlizzCon Recap

We return from BlizzCon with compliments and complaints in hand. We talk about the news of Cataclysm and our expectations.

Outlandish Podcast #72.5: BlizzCon.Part1

Matt and Justin discuss everything they saw at Day 1 of BlizzCon.

Outlandish Podcast #72: Recycling Content: It's a Hoot!

In podcast 72 we talk about our latest antics in WoW along with the news of Onxyia's return. Rejoice as we we cast more dots, more dots, stop dots.

Outlandish Podcast #71: 5 Out of 8 Raptor Pets Recommend This podcast

Podcast 71 we discuss 3.2 and how much it has impacted our raiding and how we do our day to day activities in WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #70.5: 3.5 With 22% Less Crew But Same Great Taste

This is our week off and just like our past weeks off this has nothing to do with WoW and everything to do with random stuff.

Outlandish Podcast #70: I Guess It Doesn't Bend That Way

We talk about the news, patch 3.2 background download, and talk about Sam Raimi showing Horde favoritism.

Outlandish Podcast #69: Finally, Our Favorite Position.

Matt's description was about the iPhone app. I don't have an iPhone, so I don't care. This week we talk about wow, and non-wow.

Outlandish Podcast #68: Why Ya Hittin' Yourself, Kologarn

We talk about our current adventures in raiding as well as nearly an hour of 3.5 for everyone.

Outlandish Podcast #67: Uhhh, We're Not Sure Yet

Switching factions soon to be available? Talks on this week's podcast 67. Also, more fantastic 3.2 news.

Outlandish Podcast #66: Hurry Up, I'm Hungry

This week we delve even further into the depths of the notes that are of patch 3.2. And Justin finally explains to Matt why the sky is blue.

Outlandish Podcast #65: Is Progession!

In podcast 65 we talk about the Patch 3.2 PTR Notes just like everyone else, but with some laughs and complaints.

Outlandish Podcast #64: Please Stand By

In podcast 64 there is much to be discussed. We talk about our Ulduar experience and the upcoming mount changes and the new PvP area, Isle of Conquest.

Outlandish Podcast #63: I Got 3 More

In podcast 63 we talk about some more Ulduar, but just a splash of it. We also discuss the 3.1.3 patch woes and give hint to a special giveaway.

Outlandish Podcast #62: Boiled Alive

In podcast 62 we get back to covering some ground in WoW. Justin and Jeremy talk Ulduar.

Outlandish Podcast #61: For When You Want To Feel Dumb

Podcast 61 comes out a little early with a lot of news. Talks about 3.2 have surfaced and we disuss our timeline for it's release.

Outlandish Podcast #60.5: Do You Wanna Ride My Big Train?

Podcast 60.5 is like our other .5 podcasts, random chatter pertaining to absolutely nothing about WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #60: WoW, But with Super-jump

In podcast 60 we discuss what we would like to see if we could add another feature to WoW from another MMO.

Outlandish Podcast #59: It's a Hard Knock Life

Podcast 59 we talk about our Garden and just how Noble it is. Also, p*******e week is coming up!

Outlandish Podcast #58: It is a Judgement Polly Said He

Podcast 58 we talk about some Peggle and cover a little bit of the news.

Outlandish Podcast #57: Oh Noes! We're Justinless!

With podcast 57 we talk about our woes with our gameplay. We also discuss Patch 3.1 a little.

Outlandish Podcast #56: Going Back to Karazhan

Podcast 56 goes indepth about our recent guild drama that wrecked our raiding. We discuss the who, what, when, where, and how of it all.

Outlandish Podcast #55: (Insert Podcast Name Here)

Podcast 55 talks about our desire to start up 25 man runs before Ulduar hits. We also cover our April Fool's joke as well as others.

Outlandish Podcast #54.5: Captain's Log: Supplemental

In podcast 54.5 we talk about the final frontier of Outlandish.

Outlandish Podcast #54: I Mean, What is the Deal?

In podcast 54 we discuss our woes with the guild and how we are trying to overcome the lack of new content until 3.1. We also make a special announcement.

Outlandish Podcast #53: Can we Just Stop Now?

In podcast 53 Matt talks about WoW. He also talks about trying to start raiding again and what's going on in WoW.

Outlandish Podcast #52: Slip Slidin' Away --OR-- Who Watches Outlandish?

Podcast 52 brings about the acknowledgement that WoW has come to a halt. Without new content it has come to a crawl for a lot of people.

Outlandish Podcast #51: Patch Notes Again?

Podcast 51 brings about Patch 3.1 talk and upcoming Ulduar stuff... and things. Also, e-mails like usual.

Outlandish Podcast #50.5: Clip Show #5

With this clip show we play an old recording of us kicking around ideas of what we wanted the podcast to be.

Outlandish Podcast #50: Super Blowout Extravaganza!

The big Five-O. We did it! We call up some listeners and get their favorite moments and play them.

Outlandish Podcast #49: Crushed Red Pepper and Tabasco Sauce

Podcast 49 contains a little ranting about Naxxramas and how bored we are with it. We also dive into some upcoming 3.1 changes.

Outlandish Podcast #48: I Guess it's Delayed

In podcast 48 we discuss our woes with Malygos and talk a little bit about blue posts hitting the web.

Outlandish Podcast #47: We Are The Butterfly Effect

In podcast 47 we talk about us clearing Naxx finally... twice! We also talk about the backlash of Patch 3.0.8

Outlandish Podcast #46: I'm Pissed as shit

Podcast 46 has us discussing our 1 drake up attempt in Obisidian Sanctum and we discuss expose armors benefit to the raid.

Outlandish Podcast #45: Delayed! (but it's out now)

In podcast 45 we rant about the patch taking two forevers to come out. Answer e-mails and give a little call to another podcast.

Outlandish Podcast #44: There's Nothing to Talk About

In podcast 44 we talk about our adventures in a 25 man raid as well as our own guild raiding progression. We also go over the upcoming patch and some Ulduar news.

Outlandish Podcast #43: That's Probably Illegal Here

In podcast 43 we discuss some upcoming patch notes for 3.0.8 as well as read off listeners WoW Christmas wishes.

Outlandish Podcast #42: The Christmas Spectacular (ok not really)

Podcast 42 is all talk about our Naxx progression and some Patch 3.0.8 talks also a little chatter about questing in Icecrown.

Outlandish Podcast #41: Outlandish Podcast #41

Podcast 41 starts off with some Naxx progression talk. We touch on Patch 3.0.8 notes and end with letters from listeners.

Outlandish Podcast #40: The Clean Pants Podcast

In podcast 40 we talk about our journeys to 80 as well as our first attempt at Naxx.

Outlandish Podcast #39: Working on the Podcast is not 80

In podcast 39 we talk about our joys of leveling in Northrend. We also talk about the instances you'll be experiencing as you level your way to 80.

Outlandish Podcast #38: Comin' Down in Three Part Harmony

Podcast 38 is all about the Lich King. We talk about our first impressions and rant about Blizzard's Copy and Paste strategy.

Outlandish Podcast #37: Our Last Show...Before Wrath

In podcast 37 we talk about our retro raiding we did this past week. We also talk about 2 new arenas added, feral changes, and our raiding expectations.

Outlandish Podcast #36: Been There, Done That

In podcast 36 we talk about the usual raiding of Kara, ZA, and also Gruul's and Mag's. We also talk about the Necropolis Scourge attacks and answer e-mails.

Outlandish Podcast #35: Zombies = Fun!

In podcast 35 we talk about Hallow's End, this "zombie" thing, the new Kara boss, our ZA triumph, and answer e-mails.

Outlandish Podcast #34: Patch of Doooooom!

In podcast 34 we recollect on our BlizzCon experience and talk about Patch 3.0.2, Echoes of Doooooooooom! Also, e-mails.

Outlandish Podcast #33.BlizzCon Part 3: And Now The End is Near

We talk about the last day of BlizzCon with our critics on WoW Dungeon Design, some PvP coverage, WoW Q and A, and Closing Ceremony.

Outlandish Podcast #33.BlizzCon Part 2: Matt Gone Wild

In podcast 33.BlizzCon Part 2 we talk about our first day adventures at BlizzCon with our critics on the Opening Ceremony, Diablo 3, and the contests they had.

Outlandish Podcast #33.BlizzCon Part 1: Opening Terrimony

In podcast 33.BlizzCon Part 1 we talk about our first day adventures in LA as well as our ticket extravaganza and expectations for BlizzCon opening day.

Outlandish Podcast #33: It Doesn't Stop in the Lab

In podcast 33 we talk about the changes coming about with the upcoming patch 3.0.2 possibly releasing next Tuesday. We also talk about the revert of the announcement in regards to the Honor reset.

Outlandish Podcast #32: It Seats 6 Comfortably

Podcast 32 continues to fixate on the awesomeness that is Recruit A Friend and give a tip about granting levels. We also talk about some more points of interest in Wrath. Also, e-mails!

Outlandish Podcast #31: Wait, Who's on top?

Podcast 31 points out the ridiculous pyramid scheme known as Recruit-A-Friend. We also talk about the announcement of the Wrath of the Lich King release date and how it may effect expectations for BlizzCon.

Outlandish Podcast #30.5: (Clip Show) Windows Delicious

Our 3rd break show, podcast 30.5, talks about all kinds of random stuff. We talk about the PvE to PvP transfers and then break away from WoW to talk about random thoughts.

Outlandish Podcast #30: Glyph of Lesser Beta Patch

Podcast 30 talks about Inscriptions and Glyphs, the never ending beta changes, and we answer e-mails.

Outlandish Podcast #29: I can has Lich King

Podcast 29 has talks of the upcoming PTR patch 3.0.2 we also talk about Blizzcast podcast 4, not 5, and answer e-mails.

Outlandish Podcast #28: Embolism or Emblemism

Podcast 28 we talk about the Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic Trailer and answer e-mails and have our final contest for an Authenticator.

Outlandish Podcast #27: Cluster fuck

Podcast 27 is all about the Blizzard screw up with the BlizzCon tickets. If you were want to know about it, listen here.

Outlandish Podcast #26: Zhevra, Zheevra, Whatever

With podcast 26 we talking about the Recruit A Friend and some off the wall topics. We also give out our first Authenticator and announce the second contest.

Outlandish Podcast #25: Hello Angels

In podcast 25 we talk about more Wrath of the Lich King beta and announce our first of four contests for a Blizzard Authenticator.

Outlandish Podcast #24: *Gasp*

In podcast 24 we talk about all the 51 point talents on the WoW Talent Calculator. We also talk about the Pet Talent Trees and read a letter or two.

Outlandish Podcast #23: The Big Reveal

In podcast 23 we discuss the Beta Patch Notes and the news of Achievements in Wrath of the Lich King.

Outlandish Podcast #22: Nad Rammed

Matt's info on the podcast, which I have as of late been copying, had nothing to do with the show because matt didn't pay attention. I bet we talk about WoW, stuff that has nothing to do with WoW, and answer some letters. That's a pretty good guess.

Outlandish Podcast #21: Mystery Meat

In podcast 21 we discuss the belated Worldwide Invitational news from the previous week and we answer e-mails!

Outlandish Podcast #20.5: Clip Show #2

This clip show between seasons 2 and 3 actually ended up turning into more of a podcast than a clip show. We end up talking about random stuff that we would normally talk about, but we did end up answering some letters at the end.

Outlandish Podcast #20: We are not Prepared (AKA Get yo hand out my face!)

In podcast 20 we do the same old, same old. We talk about our characters, the upcoming patch 2.4.3, and answer e-mails.

Outlandish Podcast #19: Never Gonna Give You Up

This week we discuss our characters and what's happening in the guild along with how it sucks to hit 70 and have so much stuff to do. Plus we have a special guest!

Outlandish Podcast #18: A Severed What on Your Where?

In podcast 18 we talk about our guild on Auchindoun, Some late breaking news about WotLK, and answer a lot of your letters.

Outlandish Podcast #17: To Catch a Death Knight Predator

This week we hear about the fun and excitement of running Karazhan for that eleventienth time, discuss the goings on of the Outlandish Podcast guild on Auchindoun, and read our email.. Not our listener email, just our regular email.. No I'm kidding, it's listener email.

Outlandish Podcast #16: Look out Auchindoun!

This week we talk about the new Outlandish Podcast guild on Auchindoun and some more on WotLK.

Outlandish Podcast #15: It's Sweet Mama Time

This week we talk about Serpentshrine, BlizzCon and answer listener mail.

Outlandish Podcast #14: Northrendish?

This week we delve into all the new WotLK information. And answer our listener email.

Outlandish Podcast #13: DKP Sucks

This week we talk about DKP, we actually have some letters to read, and we talk about some news for once. Also a lot about domain registration.... Interesting.

Outlandish Podcast #12: Hardcore Vs Casual

This week we talk about Hardcore Vs. Casual guilds and the balance between them. We also read some listener mail and answer some questions from the forums. Also Justin complains a lot.

Outlandish Podcast #11: It's Milk!

This week we talk about our expectations from guild members, have a discussion about how we would like instances to be set up in WotLK, and read a letter.

Outlandish Podcast #10.5: Clip Show #1

Every 10 podcasts we're going to take a week off. This week we bring you out takes from the last 10 podcasts.

Outlandish Podcast #10: The Trajectory of the Exodar

This week we talk about Sunwell quests, the Frostmourne auction, all mad crazy kinds of other quests, and the usual banter.

Outlandish Podcast #9: Backstory of a French Austrian

This week we talk about the patch, Sunwell Isle, raiding, and we make some Outlandish predictions.

Outlandish Podcast #8: Let's just make up our own lore

This week we talk about the patch, the forums, have a roundup of info from other podcasts and be sure to hear the special interview.

Outlandish Podcast #7: Happy as Peas

This week we talk about the news, instances and racial abilities. Plus our regular check of the forums.

Outlandish Podcast #6: Ingenuity

This week we talk about poop quests, arena, trade-skills and visit the forums. Check it out in all the usual places.

Outlandish Podcast #5: Stealing things and getting away with it.

This week we talk about Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid, the "de-leeting" of many old-world mobs, world history, and our usual raid chatter. We also welcome the newest members to our forums and discuss the topics on the boards this week.

Outlandish Podcast #4: More QQ

In the show we discuss collection quests, arena maps, more ideas for what we'd like to see in WoW and what we hate about the game even though we love the game. Plus all of our usual ramblings.

Outlandish Podcast #3: Alsveedersvay

This week we talk about raiding, Horde/Alliance inbalance when it comes to low level instances, what we'd like to see with AI in the expansion, and an argument about our Arena team.

Outlandish Podcast #2: The Patch

This week we talk about the patch notes for 2.4, the Lunar Festival, and a couple of stories to wrap it up. We also introduce our first parody.

Outlandish Podcast #1: Third Time's a Charm

Our first podcast, well sorta. We made 2 others before this one before we decided to really do it. In this podcast we talk about everything from Netherspite to a crappy level 41 quest reward.