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If you would like to donate you can do so here. We appreciate anyone that donates as well as those that do not. We do not expect anything from our listeners. This is a free podcast and will remain to be so.

Donations are taken via PayPal. Thank you for listening and visiting the website!

Donations FAQ

Q: What do I get for donating?
A: The gratitude of the hosts and a mention on the podcast.

Q: So if I donate I don't get anything?
A: Right, you won't get anything BUT I will be keeping everyone's info so if we do get rich and famous we can show our gratitude.

Q: So if I donate X amount of dollars what will I get?
A: You sure do ask a lot of questions.

Q: Is this the final version of the FAQ?
A: Well, since the first version was up for 6 years and talked about mouse pads and keychains and I'm just now updating it, I'd say, "Yes, yes this is the final version"

Thank you again for reading this and keep listening to Outlandish Podcast.